I briefly remember when one of my friends showed me his copy of New Mutants 98 when It first came out. At that age, I couldn't figure out why my friend would waste his money on New Mutants comics when there were plenty of X-Men comics to buy that were sooo much cooler! Well, what can I say?  Not only do I regret not buying this book when it first came out, but I also regret not being a life long fan of Deadpool.  For the most part, people didn't give a crap about Deadpool. That is at least until the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie came out. For the first time, people saw that Deadpool was more than just an after-thought character. People started to realize that Deadpool had been an underrated character that was due for some serious acknowledgement. Most importantly, people began to realize certain characteristics of Deadpool that made him truly ahead of his time. (For respect sake, lets not forget that the creation of Deadpool was actually inspired by Deathstroke).
Fast-forward to the present, and you got yourself one sensationally hot comic book character. Have you seen what New Mutants 98 is going for on ebay? You're looking at $100 for a raw book, and $350 for a CGC 9.8. What's that you say? $5,000 for a 9.9?! Yep, its true. People are paying big bucks to have it in their possession. So the question I ask all of you is,

What is the value potential of New Mutants 98?

I personally think that this book will continue to rise in value, and I highly doubt it will ever falter. Even after all the hype of the video game and movie is over, I firmly believe that this book will be a highly sought after key issue for years to come. -Mike

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